Express Responses

, , , | Right | December 5, 2019

(I work in a store that is known for having an online grocery shopping option. Immediately out front is the online shopping pickup area. Even though it is blocked off somewhat and has signs that clearly say, “No parking. Online customers only,” and a call box, people still try to park in this spot. I have some form of this conversation nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day:)

Me: “Excuse me, sorry, but you can’t park here. This is online shopping only. You need to move your car.”

Customer #1: “But it’s only going to be for a minute! What I want is right inside the door.”

Customer #2: “I’m only waiting for someone.”

Customer #3: “But I’m disabled!”

Customer #4: *pretends to not understand English*

(Every once in a while, a customer will leave their car just sitting in the spot while they run in. If we catch them, we tell the CSM so the owner can be paged. This is my favorite response from the CSM:)

Me: “There’s a car in the express lane.”

CSM: “Is there anyone in it?”

Me: “No, just a dog.”

CSM: “Did you ask the dog to move the car?”

(The best part is, if anyone tries to complain about me or one of my coworkers being rude and telling them to move their car, the customer will have to admit that they parked there.)

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