Explosive Reasoning

| UK | Friendly | August 13, 2015

(I’m talking to a friend online, who’s in a time zone further ahead. He keeps trying to go to bed, but getting distracted by our discussion. We are discussing trying to play more zombie games together.)

Friend: “So long as you don’t end up being more of a hazard to me than the zombies we fight.”

Me: “I’m perfectly capable of helping you kill zombies. Like [Zombie Game] with that boss who was meant to be hard.” *he’d been killed in a single attack due to me blowing something up*

Friend: “[Zombie Game]! You realise you kept killing me in that game?”

Me: “No. You just kept getting in the way of my beautiful explosions.”

Friend: “Well, you go and marry your beautiful explosions. I’m off to marry my bed.”

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