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Explosive Customers Meet Stupid Ends

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Korenchkin_ | October 1, 2021

One of our callers is pissed, probably for no real reason; that’s usually the case. He calls on and off for weeks. Usually, it’s a string of expletives spoken out entirely devoid of emotion. We just hang up, as he won’t let us get a word in edgeways. He doesn’t get the message, but apparently, we’re powerless to do anything to block him as it’s a withheld number.

Occasionally, he starts instead saying he’s going to bomb the building. Police say they can’t do much as we don’t know who he is.

One of my colleagues who has more patience and is better able to project an attitude of empathy gets his call. She talks to him, asks what she can do to help, and asks for his reference number. He gives it. Instantly, she has his name and address. She hangs up and calls the police!

The guy ends up getting arrested, tried, and convicted.