Explaining It Until You’re Pink And Purple, Part 2

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It is in the middle of a busy morning rush and I’m trying to get drinks out quickly when a mom repeatedly calls for my attention off to the side of the handoff bar. 

Me: “What can I help you with?”

Customer: “My daughter says you made her drink wrong!”

Me: “Oh, I apologize. What was it that she wanted?”

Customer: “She wanted that cotton candy drink!”

I take the cup from her and look at the markings. Yep, I did it right. I slide it back over to the mom. 

Me: “Ma’am, this is the correct drink.”

Customer: “She says it’s supposed to be blue!”

Me: “Blue?”

Customer: “Yeah! She says the picture on the secret website shows that it’s blue!”

I piece together what happened rather quickly; there’s a well-known website that posts “secret recipes” for us to make, but we don’t actually have any of those recipes in store, nor do we regularly check them. However, I know for a fact that a recently failed drink was the only one to ever be blue in color, so I figure they just used the wrong picture. 

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but they probably just used the wrong picture. I assure you that this is the cotton candy drink.”

Customer: “Can you make it blue, though?”

Me: “No, I can’t, I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Why not?”

Me: “I don’t have anything at my disposal that would make the drink blue. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Well, can you make it any sort of color, then?”

Me: “I can maybe add some strawberry to it, to make it a little pink?”

Customer: “Perfect! And while you’re at it, can you add some blue, too? Make it purple when it’s all mixed up?”

Explaining It Until You’re Pink And Purple

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