Explain About The Wasabi Gingerly

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(A lady orders a bunch of sushi, among Chinese items, for delivery. The amount of sushi she orders entitles her to three cups of wasabi and ginger; each cup is half wasabi, half ginger unless requested otherwise. After receiving her delivery, she calls back:)

Customer: “I only received one cup and want another one.”

Me: “It’s weird that you only got one cup because I know that you should have gotten more; it must have been a mistake when bagging the order. We will send one as soon as the driver who took your order comes back.”

Customer: “How much does the cup cost?”

Me: “They are 50¢, but I am not going to charge you since we didn’t send you the correct amount.”

Customer: “I’ll pay it. What will it be with the delivery charge included?”

(Surprised, I lower the delivery charge to $1. I’m not going to charge her the full standard amount for just a cup of wasabi/ginger, and since she willingly wants to pay it, I still charge something.)

Customer: “I will pay the total amount of $1.50.”

Me: “I apologize for the problems and I wish you a good night.”

(Throughout the entire call, our other driver is standing next to me. I explain briefly what happened and answer another call that is coming in before I walk to the kitchen to inform my boss. The original driver has just gotten back, so the other driver explains that I was on the phone placing the extra wasabi/ginger order and he has to go back; he is pissed. When my boss asks me about it, I tell her what happened.)

Me: “She never received the standard amount.”

Original Driver: “I saw someone from that house leave with some sushi; they must’ve taken one or two of the cups we gave them and the people who called back didn’t know.”

(He was no longer mad when I told him there was a delivery fee — but smaller — and that they were paying for the stuff. If you want to tell someone something, then make sure you tell the truth.)

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