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Experienced With The Questioning Of Experience

| Working | January 11, 2016

(I’ve come in to get a relatively new septum jewellery change, which is free from the place where I got my piercing. I’m lying down waiting for the piercer to finish prepping, and we’re just chatting.)

Piercer: “Been doing much today?”

Me: “Nope, just cruising. Have you been working long?”

Piercer: “As in today, or in general?”

Me: “Today.”

Piercer: “Only about two hours.”

Me: “Oh, not too bad, then. No, I was actually just going to lie here and question all your experience.”

Piercer: “You’d be surprised how many people do that.”

Me: *in a mock-aggressive voice* “You ever done this before, punk?”

Piercer: *in a mock-timid voice* “It’s only my first day! Be nice!”

Question of the Week

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