Expecting Him To Get Write On That

| Learning | January 9, 2014

(I am visiting my girlfriend and her sister. They are Chinese immigrants. English is their second language, so my girlfriend often asks me to help her write or review her essays and homework. I am sitting on her couch with her going over her latest assignment.)

Me: “This one’s not that bad, but you need to stop using ‘therefore’ so often.”

Girlfriend: *nodding* “Okay. What else should I use?”

(My girlfriend’s sister comes up behind us and observes what we are doing.)

Girlfriend’s Sister: *gasps* “You are helping her with her homework?”

Me: “Yep. Just some essay corrections.”

Girlfriend’s Sister: “You can help me with *my* essay homework! It’s three pages and due in half hour!”

Me: “Well, go get it! I’ll do what I can.”

(The sister runs to get her laptop and sits down next to me. It is displaying her blank desktop. I sit there expectantly, but she does not show me anything.)

Me: “Well… Where’s your essay?”

Girlfriend’s Sister: “I have not written it yet.”

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