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Excused Of Fast Food

, , , , | Right | February 16, 2021

I decide to stop at a fast food joint for a bite to eat. When I get there, the place is pretty much dead. Aside from me, there are two other customers: one at the counter ordering and one sitting at a table by one of the windows. I get in line and, once the other customer finishes ordering, I step up to give my order. As I do, the lady by the window speaks up.

Customer: *Shouting* “Excuse me!”

The cashier, the other customer, and I all turn to look at her.

Customer: “I was here first!”

We all sort of look at her, but she makes no attempt to get up or approach the counter; she just sits there staring at us. Finally, I shake my head and turn back to the cashier.

Me: “Ooookay, then. So, I’d like a—”

Customer: “Excuse me!”

I pause while the cashier glances over, before shaking my head again.

Me: “I’d like a [combo], with [substitution] instead of fries.”

The cashier glances at the crazy lady again.

Cashier: “Right. Um, that will be [price].”

Throughout this, the lady kept repeating, “Excuse me!” over and over, continuing until I got my receipt and stepped off to the side. After that, she quieted down but still stayed in her seat. She continued to sit there through me getting my food, sitting down at a table to eat, and cleaning up after I finished.

I’m thinking that she hoped that if she sat there long enough, they’d come over and give her special treatment by taking her order at the table. Here’s hoping they kept ignoring her and her entitled ego.

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