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Excuse My Normal Bodily Functions

, , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: DrMedBayB*tch | December 25, 2020

I work in a fast-paced healthcare environment where every minute counts and I have both male and female coworkers on my shift.

We have lockers with opaque doors where we’re allowed to store our things. When I’m in the office area, I leave mine unlocked for easy access and I’ve started keeping a box of tampons in my locker. I’ve told my female coworkers that if they’re in a hurry and need a tampon, they’re welcome to just open my locker (when it’s unlocked and I’m in the office) and take one, no problem.

I get called into my boss’s office one day because a male coworker of mine complained that me keeping tampons in my locker was “disgusting” and he hated that he could see the box whenever my locker was opened. My boss is also a man.

Boss: “Some men are really sensitive to this type of thing. You should try hiding them in a different type of box, so you won’t offend your coworkers.”

Me: “What’s the point in that? My coworkers would see someone reaching into a cracker box or a Pop Tart box and taking out a tampon instead of food, anyway.”

Boss: *Huffy* “It’s for the best. You just need to do it.”

Well, fine.

I made a cover for my tampon box that said, “Mother Earth’s Bloody Nutrients Bars: with extra gooey, nutritious filling!” with a photo of a bloody bathtub, and I placed it on the box.

That was two days ago, and I saw the male coworker open my locker, trying to be sneaky. He paled when he read the box and got all angry, and I received an email from my boss soon after that my cover “wasn’t funny” and that I needed to take it down.

So, I emailed our HR person a copy of the email, as well as a summary of what had happened and photos of the lockers, the box, and the cover. I also suggested that the male coworker sit somewhere where he didn’t have a direct line of sight to my locker if it really offended him so much. She thought it was freaking hilarious and said I had “followed my supervisor’s instructions” and so I was fine.

I’m mostly angry that my time was spent on something as stupid as this and not on patient work. I’ve continued to document everything and am encouraging my coworkers, male and female, to do the same. HR is now in the loop, and they have had multiple people come forward with complaints about our male coworker and our boss, so they’re doing some investigating. Hopefully, things will change.

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