Excitedly In Receipt Of A Receipt

, , , , , | Right | November 9, 2020

I’m overseeing the self-serve registers when a customer approaches me.

Customer: “Excuse me, but these registers don’t print out receipts, do they?”

Me: “Actually, they do. They’ll print one out for you once you’ve finished paying.”

Customer: “Oh? But then I have to give the receipt to you, don’t I? I don’t get to hang onto it.”

Me: “No, it’s yours to keep. We don’t need them.”

Customer: “Really? I get to keep it? Wow!”

She walks over to a register and purchases her groceries. As she finishes, she calls it to me.

Customer: *Excitedly* “It asked me if I wanted a receipt. I said yes.”

She grabs her freshly-printed receipt and her groceries and walks off. On the way, she stops one of my coworkers.

Customer: “Look! It gave me a receipt and I get to keep it.”

Then, she left. I had to explain to my confused coworker what the customer was so excited about, not that I really understood it myself.

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