Evil Sister Has A Game Plan

| Related | January 9, 2012

(My mum and I are Christmas shopping for a specific game type for my 25-year-old brother. We are with my friend who works at the store. I’m not being particularly helpful.)

Mum: “What about this one? It has swords.”

Me: “Nah, get him the [popular girls doll game] one.”

Friend: “This one?” *points to shoot-em-up type game*

Mum: “Could work.”

Me: “Nope. I think you should get him the [really awful kids game] one.”

Mum: “What about sports?”

Me: “I still think the Barbie one.”

Friend’s Coworker: *to me* “You really must not like this guy.”

(My mum and friend start laughing.)

Me: “He’s my brother. He’s lucky I’m being this nice.”

Friend’s Coworker: “I see. What about this [truly awful game] then?”

Me: “Oh! I didn’t see that one.”

Mum: *laughing* “Leave! Now! Out!”

Me: “But, I’m only trying to help! Really!”

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