Everyone’s A Wiseguy

, | Right | June 18, 2008

(Our store is located in a one-level strip mall.)

Customer: “Do you carry lawnmowers?”

Customer service rep: “Just one second and let me find out for you…” *parks call* “Hey guys, do we carry lawnmowers?”

Salesman 1: “Yeah, they’re down in the basement.”

Salesman 2: “No, I saw them back by the overstock shelves.”

Salesman 3: “No, I moved them into the attic for storage last week.”

Salesman 4: “OOH! I know! They’re four walls down, under a big orange sign that says ‘Home Depot!'”

Customer service rep: *picks call back up* “No sir, I’m sorry, but we’re an electronics store.”

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