Everyone Will Be Fired, Literally

| Working | June 27, 2014

(I discover a fire hazard on the sales floor and tell the owner.)

Me: “Hey, [Owner], you should really get this display fixed. It’s got the wrong bulbs for the higher voltage we’re pumping into it, with nylon coated wires spliced to other wires that are way too thin spliced to yet another set of really old wires whose integrity I question. It nearly burned me when I touched it. It’s on low density particle board and there was a ton of dust. I got rid of the dust and turned off the case and I really think it needs to get fixed. It’s waiting to go up in flames any second, basically, and it’s smoldered before because I was able to move one of the bulbs and its attached bracket to see that the particle board underneath is almost completely black.”

Owner: “Okay, we’ll get it taken care of.”

(A few weeks pass and I heard the case has been fixed. Being suspicious and knowing the half-assed way their favorite repair guy does things, I took a look up top. Nothing was fixed save for the bracket and bulb I moved, which was super-glued back on.)

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