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Everyone Wears The Pants In Your Household

| Learning | February 27, 2017

(Our teacher has us draw our families. I live with parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncle’s family, in the same house. Our hairstyles are modern but kept the ancient tradition of both male and female hair being long and adult males growing beard. I’m female. What I draw reflects that and I give everyone pants, too.)

Teacher: “That’s very interesting. Which ones are your parents?”

(I point.)

Teacher: “Do you have siblings?”

(I point to my 11-year-old sister and 14-year-old brother.)

Teacher: “Oh, you have two older sisters.”

(I point to my brother.)

Me: “My brother. He’s too young for beard.”

Teacher: “Very interesting. Who’s the one with no hair?”

Me: “My grandma. She is sick.” *I later learned it was cancer*

Teacher: “Sorry to hear that. Who are the others?”

(I point to my aunt and uncle and cousins, explaining.)

Teacher: “Wait, this one is your male cousin? I thought that was a woman again.”

Me: “Yes, he’s 23 but didn’t grow his beard yet.”

Teacher: “Your family is really interesting. Maybe give the women and girls dresses. Then we can tell.”

Me: “But we don’t wear any.”

Teacher: “Never?”

Me: “Unless it’s a big party.”

Teacher: “I like your family. They’re interesting.”

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