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Everyone Knows Meat From Farms Isn’t Really Dead

, , , , | Romantic | November 12, 2021

Everyone in my family hunts various animals for food. We follow all the laws, take gun safety extremely seriously, and never shoot anything that we don’t intend to eat. Where I grew up, that is absolutely normal, and most people are avid hunters and fishers.

My brother, when he was in college, started dating a girl who grew up in a larger city. She’s not vegetarian, but she grew up with street lights, car engines, and smog instead of stars, bird songs, and pine trees.

The first time my brother brought her home to meet the family, my parents grilled venison steaks for dinner.

Girlfriend: “This was really good! Where did you buy the steaks?”

Dad: “We didn’t buy them. That was venison.”

Girlfriend: “What’s venison?”

Dad: “Deer.”

Girlfriend: “Wait… There are deer farms up here?! That’s so cool!”

Dad: “Um… no, we hunt deer. Tonight’s steaks came from the buck that [My Name] shot last season.”

Girlfriend:Oh, my God, you shot a deer? How could you?!

After much ranting about how my family were “such terrible people” for killing animals, she stormed out of the house, got in her car, and drove off, never to be seen by anyone in my family ever again. My brother doesn’t miss her.

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