Everyone Should Know The Condom-minimum

, , , | Learning | September 22, 2017

(Since my mum is very progressive, I’ve been given a very in-depth Sex Ed talk, long before my school ever covers the topic. I’ve also been taught not to be embarrassed about it all, and to speak my mind if I feel unwell about anything. During the actual Sex Ed class in school, the very awkward teacher spends less than an hour giving us information, and then brings in some obviously sponsored “goodie bags” for all students; girls get a box full of tampons, pads, some acne treatment, and a razor, while boys also get razors and acne treatment, as well as deodorant and condoms.)

Me: “What does acne have to do with Sex Ed?”

Teacher: “We’ve discussed any kind of changes your body goes through during puberty, and obviously, acne is a big part of that.”

Me: “All right; that makes sense. But why do only boys get condoms?”

(By now, half the class is giggling.)

Male Classmate: “[My Name] wants condoms! Who you wanna f***, eh?”

Me: “We just now talked about how it’s important for both partners to care about safe sex! It’s not just the boys’ job to bring protection!”

Teacher: “All right, we’ve got some boxes for boys left over; you can have one if you want.”

(Cue “[My Name] wants condoms!” being chanted from random classmates.)

Me: “It’s not about ME wanting condoms; it’s about the fact that you just taught us one thing and are now doing the exact opposite! It doesn’t make sense!”

Teacher: “You do have a point. Next time I’ll make sure condoms are included in both boxes. Are you happy now?”

(The class went on normally after that, but I was “Condom Girl” for about a month. At the same time, a few classmates came to me to ask questions they were too embarrassed to ask in class. What I didn’t know myself, I later asked my mum and transferred the info. In a way, my mum gave “The Talk” to about half my school year, just because she taught me to speak up about safe sex. Years later, I’m still the most educated on the topic in my group of friends, and have had to explain quite a few basic things to already sexually active adults.)

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