Everyone Should Have The Gift Of Music

, , , , | Hopeless | March 19, 2018

My younger brother was born with a condition called ectrodactylism (missing fingers and/or toes). Thus, he has only three fingers on his right hand and four on his left. The first Sunday we went to church after he was born, one of the regulars, a piano teacher, came up to my parents to check out the newest member of our family. She took one look at my brother and said to my mom, “I want to teach him piano some day.”

Years later, when my brother was old enough, he started taking piano lessons from her. She made special scale sheets for him, chose songs specific to his abilities, and modified songs so he could play them. He went on to take several piano exams, and scored very well on them, too. To this day, he is a beautiful piano player.

It still brings tears to my eyes to think about my piano teacher’s reaction when she saw my brother for the first time. She obviously believed everyone should have the gift of music, and felt immediately inspired to teach this little guy with missing fingers how to play.

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