Everyone Else Needs Glasses

| Working | December 18, 2015

(I’m just getting home after going to a party where I was dressed up. I coworker of mine loves to see the dresses I wear when I dress fancy, as when I’m working I wear jeans and a tee shirt, have my hair tied up, and don’t wear make up. I decide to swing by my work to show her before I head home. I’ve worn glasses most of my life, and although I have contacts, I don’t usually wear them, especially when I’m working. Also, for the last ten years I’ve worn emo or cat-eye style glasses, with thick, black plastic frames. I’m standing around with several coworkers.)

Coworker #1: “Oh, you look so pretty!”

Me: “Thanks!”

Coworker #2: *suddenly perking up* “Oh, my god, [My Name]! When did you start wearing glasses?”

Me: “Umm… when I was eight?”

Coworker #2: “No, I’m being serious!”

Coworker #1: *starts laughing hysterically* “Is this real life?”

Me: “I always wear glasses.”

Coworker #2: “No, you don’t! At least, not on Sundays when we work together.”

Me: *also starts laughing* “You’ve really never noticed? I have contacts, but I never wear them!”

Coworker #2: “I could have sworn you didn’t wear glasses…”

(The next day we worked together, he actually walked up to me to check my face, to which he only said, ‘Huh… I guess you do wear glasses.’)

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