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Everybody Loves Mom

| Related | May 12, 2013

(Note: I am around six or seven years old, and I’m examining a rack of flowers for a bouquet for Mother’s Day. I need around fourteen dollars for the cheapest one.)

Me: “$9.00… $9.50… $9.75…”

(Another gentleman looking at flowers notices me.)

Gentleman: “Do you have enough?”

Me: “I’m not sure… is this enough?”

(I hand him my money, and he smiles, adding a few coins while I’m not looking.)

Gentleman: “It is now! You pick a nice one for your mum.”

(I thank him for ‘counting’ my money and pick a bouquet, then go up to the counter to pay.)

Cashier: “Alright sweetie, that’ll be [amount].”

Me: *hands her my change*

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but this isn’t quite enough. You’re a dollar off.”

Me: “Oh… I’m sorry.”

(As I start to leave, the cashier calls me back.)

Cashier: “Wait! Come back here, little lady!

(She pulls out a twenty from her pocket, pays for the flowers, and hands me back all my money.)

Cashier: “I think you’ve got it now. Here’s your change! Now, you wait here for a couple minutes. Once I’m done with the gentleman behind you, I’ll help you write out a nice card for your mum and we’ll wrap these flowers for you so she doesn’t see, okay?”

(My mum loved her flowers, and when I told her what happened she promptly went back and bought an expensive bouquet and some chocolates for the cashier that had helped me! Unfortunately we never saw the gentleman again to thank him.)

(Editor’s note: Not Always Related wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day!)

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