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Every Sign Was A Bad Customer Before You

, , | Right | January 18, 2022

My mother and I are traveling. This is a trip we take twice a year, so we’re pretty familiar with the route. There’s a two-hour section of the route that doesn’t pass any public bathrooms or even any businesses large enough to have bathrooms for customers, so we’ve made a habit of stopping at the last gas station before this stretch, whether we think we need to or not.

On this particular day, there is a sign at the entrance to the parking lot warning that their credit card system is down and they can only take cash payments.

There are two more such signs on the door, right at eye level, and someone has used highlighter pens to try and make the signs more eye-catching.

The door to the ladies’ bathroom also has the same sign. There may have been one on the men’s bathroom door, but I didn’t look. Inside the bathroom, there is a sign posted where look right at it when sitting on the toilet. There is another sign on the bathroom mirror.

When I go to look for a snack, there are more such signs every few feet, on every shelf.

Approaching the counter to pay, I see four more signs, all with the same message.

When the cashier sees me, she is visibly bracing herself, with the “I’m about to get screamed at” look that anyone who ever worked customer service would recognize.

Cashier: “I’m so sorry! Our card readers are down; we can’t process electronic payments at all!”

Me: *Holding up my money* “Good thing I was planning to pay cash, then!”

The relief that washed over her face spoke volumes!

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