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Every School Needs An Animus

| Learning | September 17, 2013

(I teach a freshman world history class.)

Me: “And so the Italian Renaissance—”

Student: *raises hand* “So when are we going to learn about Ezio?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Student: “Ezio Auditore, and how the assassins freed Rome from Borgia rule?”

(Some of the other students are looking bewildered, and some are giggling at this point. As an avid gamer, however, I understand what has happened.)

Me:Assassin’s Creed 2 is a video game. Ezio does not exist. He never existed. Now many other characters in the games are based on true historical figures, like the Borgia—”

Student: “No, he was real! The entire series is based on a true story!”

Me: *looks student in the eye* “NOTHING is true. Everything is permitted.”

(The student is quiet for the rest of class.)

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