Every Relationship Has Its Hiccups

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(I have recently left a deeply unhappy and unhealthy engagement. Because we moved around a lot for my ex’s work, I had difficulty maintaining employment and so do not have much money of my own. My parents have happily offered to let me move back in with them until I get back on my feet, for which I am eternally grateful. Meanwhile, despite the fact that my ex is a controlling alcoholic who cheated on me, my friends and my ex’s family are very critical of my decision to leave because they feel I just “didn’t try hard enough.” As a result, I suffer frequent bouts of guilt and often think maybe I should go back and try again. This panics my parents because they believe the situation is extremely dangerous and harmful. I am sitting in the living room with my parents. My dad has the hiccups, and family tradition is that if someone has the hiccups you try to scare the hiccups away. Mom has tried startling him and he has tried holding his breath, but nothing has worked. Finally:)

Me: *sadly* “I’m thinking I should go back to [Ex]. Give it another shot. Try harder this time.”

(Both my parents freeze and stare at me in horror. After about a minute of my dad not hiccupping:)

Me: *just as sadly* “Your hiccups are gone.” *I smile.*

Dad: “D*** it, [My Name]!”

(Mom started laughing and crying simultaneously. She always says that was the moment she knew I was going to be okay.)

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