Every Low WIS Deserves A Successful Intimidate Check

| Working | November 23, 2012

(My friend and I are women in our late-thirties. Both of us have been role-playing since we were kids. My friend is admiring a new line of “mini” gaming figures when the clerk comes over.)

Clerk: “Those aren’t really toys or dolls, you know. Those are called mini-figs.”

My Friend: “I know what they’re called. Do you have—”

Clerk: “This is for a new game called D&D, something the young people these days play. Maybe your kids sent you here to get some figs? I can explain it more if it will help. I know these are complicated for older folks to understand.”

My Friend: “I have been playing D&D since before you were BORN. Now, leave before I tell your boss—who is one of my players—that you’re insulting the customers.”

Clerk: *slinks away*

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