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Every Dog Has Its Christmas Day

| Working | December 16, 2013

(I work at a kennel, where people board their dogs while they’re on vacation. Everyone is very laid-back which makes the job more fun. My boss, coworker, and I are going over the holiday schedule.)

Boss: “I’m really sorry to say it, but you two ladies are going to have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. [Coworker] is going on a family vacation. I do have good news, though! All you have to do is come in, let the dogs out, feed them, and clean. You can go home right after that because we’ll be closed. Plus, you will get time and a half. I do need both of you, since we’re booked solid. So, please make sure you’re on time.”

Me: “No problemo, boss lady.”

(My coworker and I step outside to clean up a bit.)

Coworker: “Why did you tell her that that was fine?! That’s f****** bull-s***! I am NOT working on Christmas!”

Me: “Well, someone has to. And I’ll be there, too. I doubt we’ll be here more than a couple hours. Plus, we get time and a half! And at least we won’t have to deal with clients. Since we’re closed we should get everything done extra fast.”

Coworker: “If we’re closed, why the f*** do we have to come in?”

Me: “Uhh… It’s our job to take care of these dogs.”

Coworker: “That’s r******d!”

Me: “Are you telling me that if it was up to you, you’d give your employees the day off? These dogs would sit in their crap all day, since no one will be here to clean up after them. You would let the dogs go hungry for a day because you don’t want to work?”

Coworker: “Dude, it’s ONE day!”

Me: “But people pay a lot of money to board their dogs! If they didn’t want their dog taken care of, they would save their money and neglect their dog. You’re saying people should pay us to neglect their dogs for them!”

Coworker: “Whatever. I’m going home.”

(After my coworker left I told my boss what had happened. She ended up talking to my coworker for over an hour, trying to explain why her logic was flawed. My coworker was fired a couple days later for being rude to a client. My boss ended up working with me on Christmas, which was extremely appreciated; plus she gave me a large Christmas bonus. At least my idiot coworker didn’t have to work Christmas!)

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