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Every Coffee Shop Has Its Own Not-Ben

, , | Right | June 25, 2020

We’re a well-known cafe that writes the person’s name on the cup and calls the person’s name when their order is ready. This happens on a particularly busy day.

An elderly lady customer has just ordered a hot latte, specifying both hot and latte about five times.

Me: “Ben! Grande mocha frappuccino!”

Lady: “Did someone call me? Is this mine?”

She takes the frozen coffee and sips it and wonders off. She comes back after sipping about half the drink.

Lady: “This isn’t mine. I ordered a hot latte!”

Me: “I’m sorry, Mrs. [Not Ben]. Your drink will be ready in a few.”

I made sure her drink was next to avoid any further confusion, and then remade Ben’s drink.

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