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Every Barista Ever Has Bean There

, , , , | Right | November 21, 2020

Me: “One small vanilla bean for [Girl’s Name]!”

A male, businessman-looking customer approaches.

Customer: “Is this mine?”

Me: “It’s a vanilla bean for [Girl’s Name].”

Customer: “Great!”

The customer takes it and leaves. A few minutes pass and a woman comes up looking for her daughter’s drink, a small vanilla bean. I apologize and remake it, thinking the cup must have fallen.

The customer from before suddenly comes up, slamming his half-gone drink on the counter. 

Customer: “This isn’t my f****** black coffee! And they spelled my name wrong!”

He had drunk half of a very sweet, coffee-free frozen drink, and only then did he realize it wasn’t his black coffee.

Question of the Week

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