Ever Increasing Signs Of Lunacy

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I live in a mixed dorm and there is a shared kitchen for the entire floor. It is near Christmas and my roommates and I bake some gingerbread men and place them out with a sign with festive messages. A roommate puts up an extra sign saying, “Eat me.”

A couple hours later, on the extra sign, someone has added a title, “Gingerbread Ladies,” and drawn a gingerbread “lady” with long hair, with an arrow pointing at her crotch.

Then comes a lot of chatter guessing which of the guys has done it. The girls are completely overlooked as possible pranksters.

Soon, a second extra sign appears saying, “Go away, dudes; we’re lesbians. Signed, [Female Student #1] and [Female Student #2]. (We’re both single.)”

Yup. That’s how those two girls decided to come out. My roommate who placed the, “Eat me,” sign was actually in on it.

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