Even Years Later, Frozen Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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(I work in the electronics section of a major retailer in Ohio. One of my associates in the photo lab is heading to break when the phone starts to ring. I’m pretty familiar with the area so I tell her I will handle it. The photo lab is also where we receive online orders for customers to pick up in store.)

Me: “Photo lab!”

Customer: “Hey, I talked to someone in toys about one of them Frozen dolls. Your website has them, but they’re not available until the fifth. The person in toys says you have two!”

Me: “Okay, if we have a couple, I can run over there and grab one and hold it for you if the online pickup option isn’t working.”

Customer: “No, no! We need them in Philadelphia! It’s for our friend, for his daughter. We need it shipped there.”

Me: “Oh! Well, unfortunately, we actually don’t offer store-to-store shipping here at [Store]. For that, he might have to wait until the fifth to receive it from the website.”

(She starts to get an attitude with me.)

Customer: “But you have them in your store…”

Me: “Right, but like I stated earlier, we don’t ship items from one store to another. The only—”

(I can hear the phone being grabbed, and suddenly an even angrier woman is now on the phone.)

Customer #2: “Listen here! We are here in [My Town In Ohio], and he is in Philadelphia, okay?! This is a doll. For this daughter. If he orders it online, it will get there on the fifth! We need it before that!”

Me: “All right, again, our store does not offer store-to-store shipping. If the store in his town doesn’t have the doll in stock, he’ll just have to wait for it to be shipped or go to a different store. Other than that, you’re welcome to come and buy it now and express ship it to him yourself, but that might take just as long. There’s literally nothing else we can do for you.”

(A few seconds of silence pass.)

Customer #2: “You are so dumb!” *click*

(My associate comes back from break.)

Me: “[Associate], I’m never answering your phone again!”

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