Even Worse In The Present

Related | February 4, 2014

(My little brother, who’s six, barges into my room. I’m 15.)

Brother: “Hey, sis, whatcha doing?” *goes directly to my wallet, takes out my cash, and starts counting it* “You’ve got $30 here. You should spend it on video games for me.” *starts listing which video games he likes*

Me: “Get your hands off my money!” *snatches it* “Buzz off, twerp!”

(Despite me telling him to go away, he keeps going into my room every night, and doing the same thing: counting my money, and declaring what I should spend it on, mainly presents for him. 20 years later, I’m 35 and he’s 26. I’m living in my own apartment and he barges in.)

Brother: “Hey, sis! Whatcha doin’?” *comes into my room, spots a wad of cash I left lying about* “Hey, you got a lot of cash here! You should buy me a video game like…” *lists all the video games he likes*

Me: *facepalm*

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