Even Vampires Don’t Want That ‘Blood’

, , , , , | Right | December 30, 2010

(This at the DVD release of the Twilight Movie. Two men approach the desk. They are Caucasian.)

Customer #1: “Hey, lend me some money; I wanna buy this movie!”

Customer #2: “Naw, get your own cash!”

Customer #1: “C’mon, this movie got leprechauns!”

Customer #2: “Dang, I ain’t gonna give you no cash!”

Customer #1: “Man, you spoozy!”

([Customer #1] walks off, returns with ‘Twilight.’)

Customer #1: “C’mon! It’s on sale! Jus’ lend me 20!”

Customer #2: “All right, fine, take it.”

Customer #1: *looking at me* “Eh, man, know what this movie’s about?”

Me: “Well–”

Customer #2: *pointing at the characters on the cover* “This one’s a vampire, and this b**** don’t know ’bout it!”

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