Even The UFOs Leave Her Alone

, , , | Right | August 6, 2019

(I am a production manager at a print shop, but since it is a small workplace with few employees, I also handle the front desk and walk-in customers. One day, this woman comes in looking all disheveled and holding an older cell phone. Unfortunately, this is a slow day so I have no other customers to take my attention.)

Me: “Good morning. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “Could you print pictures from a cell phone?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, here’s our email address.” *holds out business card* “Just email what pictures you’d like printed and I’ll send them through.”

Customer: *flipping through phone*

Me: “…”

Customer: “You see this here?” *walks behind my desk to show me her phone* “This is a UFO.”

Me: “If you would please step back around to this side of the desk…”

Customer: “This right here. See that white spot? I was trying to take pictures of the moon, but I kept getting this UFO. Look, I’ve even got a video.” *swipes over to show me the video*

Me: “So, do you want me to print the UFO picture for you?”

Customer: *swipes* “Here’s another UFO video. Oh, and these—“ *keeps swiping* “—these are the woods behind my house. Can you see the faces in the trees?”

Me: *starting to hope for another customer, a phone call, anything* “Ma’am?”

Customer: “Yeah, I see faces in the trees all the time. Could you print these for me? I want to make a game. Like a find-it game where people can find the faces.”

Me: “Well, we can certainly print them. If you could go ahead and email them…”

Customer: “Look at this one! I ran it through a filter so you can see the faces easier. See? Look, that’s a horse face right there.”

Me: “Wow. Yeah… So, to get these printed—“

Customer: “Oh! This is another UFO… Those pesky things are always buzzing by my house at night.” *shows me another moon picture*

Me: “…”

(This went on for about an hour before she left… without getting anything printed!)

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