Even Spelling It Out For You Needs Spelling Out

, | Working | August 29, 2017

(I am ordering pizza. I live in a slightly out-of-the-way place, and the address format is a little odd, so we often have trouble with it. However, never before have I had this much trouble.)

Operator: “Okay, do you live in a house or a flat?”

Me: “Flat. It’s flat [Letter].”

Operator: “Okay.”

Me: “And the building is C2B.”

Operator: “Can you spell that?”

Me: “Spell it?”

Operator: “Yes.”

Me: “… C2B.”

Operator: “Spell it, please. Do you mean C for cat?”

Me: “Yes, C for cat. C2–”

Operator: “2 for umbrella?”

Me: “Two, for the number 2.”

Operator: “… the number 2?”

Me: “Yes. C for cat, two for the number 2, B for boy.”

Operator: “All right. So, you live on street C2B.”

Me: “C2B is the building. My street is [Street].”

Operator: “Can you spell that?”

(I proceed to spell the entire street for the operator.)

Operator: “All right, so the street is [Street] and the flat is [Flat]. Which building are you in?”

Me: “C2B.”

Operator: “Can you spell that?”

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