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Even Old People Get Carded

| Related | August 25, 2012

(My dad’s side of the family is huge – he is one of ten kids and they all went on to have multiple kids. We attend a family reunion out at a lake my uncle owns, and everyone is invited. There ends up being around 250 people there. Oddly enough, as we pull into the parking area, we see a large car from the 1950’s parked in front of the boat ramp with two old people sitting in it. They are both smiling really big and sitting very still, and I wonder who they are and why there are sitting in the car. I go up to the car for a closer look, and am shocked to see that they aren’t people at all, but life-size cardboard cut-outs of two old people.)

Me: *to my aunt* “What’s up with the creepy cardboard people?”

Aunt: “Oh, that’s your dad’s great grandma and great grandpa. We thought they would want to be here if they were still alive, so we made copies of them. That’s their old car!”

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