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Even Homeless People Don’t Want To Go To Tulsa

, , , , | Friendly | May 26, 2019

(For some reason, the grocery stores around my area are a hot target for begging and scamming. It’s not even a bad area, really, so I’m not clear on the why of it, but it’s not uncommon to come across someone asking for money there. Early on, I am not terribly wise to these schemes, and one night I’m parked in the lot of one of the grocery stores when someone knocks on my window. I look up, rather startled as I’m there alone, and see a fairly haggard-looking man asking me to roll down my window. I do just enough to be able to hear him.)

Guy: “Miss? Miss, I’m sorry to bug you, but um, my girlfriend and I, we gotta get back home to Tulsa and we just need some gas money. Is there any way you could help us out?”

Me: “Oh, geez… I’m sorry, but I don’t carry cash on me.”

Guy: “Aw… Okay, thank you, miss!”

(He walks off, presumably to find someone else to ask. I go in and do my shopping, but feeling bad for the guy and deciding he was polite enough, I grab $20 cash back to give him if I see him on my way out. He seems to have moved on, though, and I feel a little bad about not being able to help. At least, until a couple of weeks later. I’m at another grocery store in the same town, getting into my car, when someone speaks up behind me.)

Guy: “Miss?”

(I turn around and it’s the exact same guy from before. He clearly doesn’t recognize me.)

Guy: “Miss, I’m sorry to bug you, but see, my girlfriend and I really need to get to Tulsa and we just need some gas money…”

(I still had the $20 in my pocket… and there it stayed. If you were trying to get to Tulsa, why haven’t you moved more than three miles in two weeks?)


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