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Even ‘F’ Failed To Make The Grade

| Learning | May 31, 2014

(Exams are coming. A professor is writing a scoring system on the board.)

Professor: “…and anything lower fails.”

(He accidentally writes an ‘E.’)

Professor: “Wait, that’s not right.”

(He erases the bottom line, making it an ‘F’.)

Professor: “No, wait. I liked it the first way.”

(He draws the line back it.)

Student: “Wait, why an ‘E’? Everyone else uses ‘F.'”

Professor: “Well, now we’re using ‘E.’ As in executed. Or ended. Or exterminated.”

Student: “Or as in excellent?”

Professor: “Excellent, hmm… No, for the remainder of this class we’ll be changing that word to ‘axcellent.’

Student: “Axe…?”

Professor: “As in what will execute you if you get an ‘E!'”

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