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Even A “Please” Wouldn’t Have Helped This One

, , , , , , , | Friendly | September 29, 2023

I am at the airport, waiting for a friend to get through Arrivals.

There’s a concourse, with the occasional pillar here and there to hold up the roof, through which the people stream after they pass through Security and so on.

I’m casually leaning on a pillar, not getting in anyone’s way. (They have to walk round the pillar in the first place; let’s face it.)

A great stream of people comes through. A woman comes striding through leading a suitcase on wheels, walks straight in my direction, and shouts:

Woman: “Move!”

She obviously hadn’t noticed I was leaning on a pillar so, of course, when I did move out of her way, right at the last minute before she barrelled me aside, she walked smack into the pillar I had been standing in front of.

My cackles of glee didn’t go down too well.

Question of the Week

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