Evacuation Recreation

, , , , | Learning | February 12, 2018

My school has had a lot of problems with fire alarms. In previous years, it’s been chemistry classes; one of my classrooms actually had a cup duct-taped over the fire alarm so that the chemistry classes wouldn’t accidentally set it off. Most recently, the idea is that it’s been the people smoking in the bathroom.

Sometimes it’s just the system malfunctioning, but whatever causes it, it’s gotten so bad that someone actually goes on the intercom and tells us if it’s a false alarm or not.

We’re in class and the alarm goes off. My teacher stops talking for a moment until it stops, and then continues the lecture. It starts up again. This happens several times. Eventually people start joking that one day there’s going to be an actual fire and no one’s going to leave.

It reaches a point that my teacher looks outside and asks other teachers if we should evacuate or not. Once some other classes start to leave, our class goes to the evacuation area, too. I’m really paranoid, so I’m looking really carefully at the air and all the buildings, but I don’t see or smell smoke at all. Word starts to spread between the classes that yes, there is an actual fire. Nothing comes of it, and after we’re told we can go back to class, that day continues as normal. No fire trucks, no news about the fire in any official sense, just the alarm, a very confused evacuation, and then we return to class.

What actually caused the fire, we eventually discover, was the long-time physics teacher. He put a hot pocket in the microwave for 20 minutes, rather than two. After that, the teachers are banned from having microwaves, but that doesn’t stop any of them.

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