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Estúpido And Estúpider

| Working | November 1, 2013

Customer: “Can I have a turkey sandwich with cheddar?”

Waiter: “You want fries with that?”

Customer: “Yeah. Wait, no. Can I get a salad?”

Waiter: “Sorry, all out of salad. You want soup?”

Customer: “Yeah. No, I’ll have the fries.”

(The waiter calls the order in to the kitchen.)

Waiter: “…and just so you know, he’s… uh…”

(The waiter pauses, realizing the customer is less than twenty feet away and can hear him.)

Waiter: “…a little estúpido.”

Cook: *to the waiter* “Hey, dumb-**s, how do you say ‘cognate’ in Spanish?”

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