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Essentially… No

, , , , | Right | November 28, 2020

I work for a major electronics repair chain. Corporate is offering a promotion for first responders. Basically, if you can provide ID showing you are a cop or work at a hospital, you get a free phone repair for participating brands. We snap a photo, send it to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will authorize it and waive the repair cost.

A woman comes in and starts talking with another employee, and I can hear voices raised from the back room. I come out to see what the problem is.

Customer: “[Coworker] is discriminating against me and not authorizing my repair!”

Me: “Can I see your work ID?”

She hands me her work ID… from a military bank.

Me: “There’s a 0% chance that this will be approved, but I’ll still submit it to the manufacturer and send you an email once they respond.”

I say this just to get her out. She calms down a bit and agrees. Within FIVE MINUTES, the manufacturer has gotten back to me saying there’s no way in h***. It usually takes about an hour to get a response, but five minutes for her — that’s how open and shut it is.

I send the customer a message to let her know, and she comes to pick up the phone, yelling:

Customer: “I’m complaining to corporate!”

She’s back the next day with a smug look on her face.

Customer: “I talked to the manager and they said that you would do the repair if I brought documentation of my status.”

I am the manager, but okay. The documentation was a letter from her employer saying that she was an essential employee as she works for a bank.

I submitted it to the manufacturer and again five minutes later it was rejected.

She came back every day for the next week, having us resubmit the same document. It never worked.

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