Espresso-ing His Intentions

| Romantic | August 2, 2012

(A really cute guy is on my line to buy his coffee, engrossed on his phone, texting.)

Cute guy: *still looking down at his phone* “A small Caramel Frap, please. Thanks.”

Me: “Coming right up!”

(I prepare his order and come back to the counter to hand him his order.)

Me: “Here you go, sir. That’ll be $4.05.”

(He hands me a $5 bill and finally looks up at me. He freezes, his mouth agape, his eyes wide. I blush. This goes on for about 10 awkward seconds until he blinks rapidly.)

Cute guy: “Uhh… Yeah… Ok… I… I.. uhm… I..” *takes a deep breath* “Has this happened to you before?”

Me: “Uh, I am not sure what you’re talking about.”

Cute guy: “This!” *points his finger alternately between the two of us*

Me: “I don’t really follow..”

Cute guy: “You know, a guy sees your pretty face and he freezes and he almost drool? And it’s so obvious that he’s attracted to you big time?”

(The whole shop stands still. Their attention is on us. The other customers giggle while the others go “aw”.)

Me: *I blush 10 shades darker* “Uh, not really.”

(He snatches the $5 bill from my hand and takes a $100 bill from his wallet and shoves it to me.)

Cute guy: “There. I’ll exit this shop pretending like I have forgotten my change so you’ll have an excuse to follow me outside. If you follow me outside to give me my change, you agree to give me your number and to have dinner with me sometime this week. If not, then you can just put my change in the tip box.”

(He leaves abruptly, leaving me speechless.)

Other customer: “Oh my God. That is kind of rude, but cheesy. But he’s really cute and very honest! What are you waiting for?! Follow him.”

(The other customers, my coworker and even the manager all clamor telling me to follow him. I gather his change, write my number on a tissue paper and I follow him outside, not because of the ‘peer pressure’ but, because I’m attracted to him, too!)

Me: “Here’s your change and uh… my number.”

(The cute guy smiles and leaves.)

(I go back inside with a round of applause from the customers while my manager shouts out loud.)

Manager: “A free shot of latte for everyone!”

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