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Equality Can Be A Bit Screwed Up

| Working | April 4, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are looking for a drill. I’ve pre-shopped online and know that the exact model I want is in stock at this location. As we’re looking for the drill, an employee approaches us.)

Employee: *to my boyfriend* “Hi, are you looking for anything in particular today?”

Me: “Were looking for a drill I found online. It’s—”

Employee: *to my boyfriend* “Alright, if you come this way with me, we have some very nice [brand] drills that are new.”

Me: “Actually I found [another brand] that I like, and it’s on sale for—”

Employee: *to my boyfriend* “Oh, okay, [another brand] are over here…”

(The employee proceeds to show my boyfriend a VERY fancy and expensive drill.)

Me: “That’s a really nice drill, but we don’t need something like that. We just need a small one for around our house. I found the one I want online; it’s on sale for $29 right now. It has a Lithium battery and—”

Employee: *to my boyfriend* “Oh, we don’t have any Lithium drills that come that cheap.” *to me* “Sweetie, are you sure you didn’t find a electric screw driver when you were on our web—”

Me: “I found it! It’s that one.” *points to the drill*

Employee: “Oh, yeah… that one.”

Me:  “It comes with a bit, right?”

Employee: “Uh…”

Me: “Oh, never mind, it’s on the box. This is the one I want. Thanks for your help.”

Employee:  “Okay. Now, don’t forget to get an extra battery and the charger station for—”

Me: “Actually, on this one the battery is built in, and it charges on a cable. Thanks for your help.”

Employee: *walks off*

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