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Enveloping Confusion

, , , | Right | January 8, 2021

I am waiting in line at the local post office. The customer ahead of me is with his teen daughter. He has a handful of small metal parts and he’s talking to the clerk.

Customer: “Do you have any boxes or envelopes for sale so I can package these parts for shipping?”

Clerk: “There are padded envelopes on the bottom shelf.”

He indicates the display just behind us, with a four-foot-wide desktop for taping and writing, and two shelves beneath, stocked with flat boxes and a variety of envelopes.

The customer steps over to the display and looks at the desk where the pens are, and then at the top shelf, and then back at the clerk, confused.

Clerk: “Padded envelopes are on the bottom shelf, on the left.”

The man AGAIN looks at the top shelf, starting on the right, flipping through all of the boxes and envelopes until his teen daughter speaks up.

Customer’s Daughter: “DAD! On the BOTTOM LEFT! Jeeeeeeeeeez!”

He finally listened and saw the envelopes he needed.

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