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Entitlement Is A Slippery Slope

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: IAmCaptenJackSparrow | May 29, 2021

I’m working at a ski center at the “family lift”, which is meant for families with little kids; the slope is small compared to the rest so that everyone in the family can ride together. There is a fence between this lift and the “sledding slope,” which is for people who just want to come sledding. That slope is free, meaning you don’t need a ski pass to enter. Every lift has a snowmobile, and I have mine parked next to the lift so I can have somewhere to sit if I want to.

I am helping a young girl onto the lift, with my back to the snowmobile. I hear a noise behind me and turn to see two kids, around five or six, trying to start the snowmobile!

Me: “Hey! What on earth do you think you’re doing?!”

Kid #1: “We want to drive the snowmobile!”

Kid #2: “Yeah! We’re going to drive it up the slope!”

Me: “No, you can’t do that. You are not old enough, and you can’t drive this unless you work here.”

Kid #2: “But Mum said we could!”

Me: “I don’t care what your mum says; you are not allowed on it. I need you to lea—”


Me: “Ma’am, are these your children?”

Mother: “Yes! Now tell me why you are talking to them!”

Me: “They were on the snowmobile and trying to start it to take it for a joyride.”

Mother: “Sooooo? I told them they could!”

Me: “Ma’am, they can’t do that. They’re not old enough, they don’t work here, and they haven’t been trained on how to operate it!”

Mother: “Oh, stop being so rude! Just teach them how to operate it now.”

Me: “I can’t. They’re not old enough, and unless you work here, you are not allowed not drive it.”


Kid #2: “Tell him to staaaaaaaaaaart it!”

Mother: “Now look at what you´ve done! You made them sad! I demand you start the snowmobile and let them ride!”

A former coworker and regular visitor comes up to the lift and gives me a look.

Former Coworker: “You need help, son?”

Me: “Oh, hi, [Former Coworker]. Tell [Boss] I said hello.”

We have all been told that if we are in a situation where we need the owner and we don’t want to say it out loud, for one reason or another, to tell someone who works or has worked there to tell the owner I said hello and the boss will come down if possible.

My former coworker understands, and he goes up with the lift and down the slope toward the office.

While I talk to my former coworker, the mother climbs the fence and joins her kids at the snowmobile to get it started. And then I notice that none of them is in ski gear — no helmets, ski boots, skis, or anything — and the woman has left two sleds behind the fence.

Me: *Somehow still polite* “Ma’am, why aren’t any of you in ski gear?”

Mother: “Because we decided to just go sledding.”

Me: “Umm, you can’t be on this side of the gate if you aren’t planning to ski.”

Mother: “Yes, we can; we are paying customers! We ate inside the restaurant!”

Me: “It doesn’t matter; you can’t be here unless you are going to ski.”


I lose it and decide to use my army voice.

Me: *Commandingly* “Okay, that’s it. Get off the snowmobile now!”

They all look shocked.

Mother: “H-how dare you talk to me like that?! You need to show your elders some res—”

Me: *Cutting her off* “I have tried to be polite and to tell you kindly to leave the snowmobile, and yet you have refused! Do you realize that your kids could die, get injured, or kill or injure someone if they drove this thing?! You and your kids need to leave, as you clearly have no right nor deserve the right to be here!”

She tries to play the victim card as a family of six come to the lift.

Mother: “HELP! HELP! This boy is harassing me and my babies!”

Luckily for me, the family doesn’t believe her when I explain the situation and I assure them that I don’t need help.

Now, the mother decides to play the infamous “I know the owner” card.

Mother: *With a smug face* “You know I know the owner, so unless you want to lose your job, I suggest you start this snowmobile!”

Me: “OOOOOOH you know the owner?”

Mother: “Yes.”

The owner is walking toward us as the regular sent him. I wave at him.

Me: “Well, here is your chance to explain to him why I should get fired.”

I can see the mother start to worry a little, but she quickly shakes it off.

Owner: “So, what is the problem here, then?”

Mother: *Flying into a rant* “Your employee has been so rude toward me and my kids and refused to let my babies ride the snowmobile even though I know we are allowed to do so as paying customers!”

Owner: “No, you are not allowed to because it is dangerous and wasteful. Also, I can see that none of you are dressed to be on this side of the fence and thus I can assume you have not paid to be here.”

Mother: “Well, what about him?!*Points at me* “He is not dressed for skiing, either!”

Owner: “That is because he works here and he should not be dressed for skiing.”

Slowly realizing she is fighting a losing battle, the mother decides to go for the harassment claim.

Mother: “He harassed me and my babies and I demand he is fired for his behaviour!”

The owner is a chill guy and has a great sense of humour. He does not take BS from anyone and he sees that he has an amazing chance to strike down this entitled woman.

Owner: “Well, then, should we see what audio the cameras have recorded?”

Mother: “N-no that is not necessary, but I demand he be fired for his behav—”

Owner: *Cutting her off* “And I guess I should also tell my daughter that her boyfriend is a horrible person for harassing a mother and her children, right? Oh, how devastated she will be!”

Now, the mother realized that her battle was lost and started shrieking about how she would leave a horrible Facebook review, how the police would hear about this, how she would never come back because we are so horrible to customers, etc.

After she left, the owner started laughing and said he would save the security footage because he wanted to keep this as an “entitlement takedown trophy.”

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