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Entitlement In Baby-Sized Clothes

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Our youngest child has grown out of her baby things, so we decide to sell everything off cheap, as we remember how difficult it was when we started out.

We are inundated with messages from many young parents, many of whom have no transport to collect. I end up making many stops to many grateful parents, some in some pretty dire states. We don’t make much more than it costs me in petrol, but it does feel good.

For one drop-off, I drive up the street to a small two-bedroom house with a majorly modified car in front of the house; clearly, a lot of money was spent on it, which is odd for parents buying cheap second-hand items, and for a woman who gave a long sob story about how hard it would be to get two busses over to me. I knock on the door and a woman answers.

Woman: “What?”

Me: “I have the baby items you wanted.”

Woman: “Oh, yeah.” *Shuffles through them* “Bit tatty, aren’t they?”

Me: “Plenty of life left in them. It was on the advert.”

They are a little worn but barely noticeable.

Woman: “I can give you £10.”

Me: “We agreed on £15; there is easily £60 worth of stuff here!”

Woman: *Puts her hands on her hips* “Well, that’s all I got. Take it or leave it.”

Me: “Fair enough.”

I walked back to the car and threw the box of items in the boot. I could hear the woman swearing and hollering at me from her doorstep. As I started to drive away, she tried to get in front of the car, but I managed to put my foot down and get out of there.

I received abusive messages from her and what I assume were her friends. We decided to come off social media for a few months after that.

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