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Entitlement And Laziness Are Two Sides Of The Same Bad Customer Coin

, , , , | Right | December 18, 2020

I go to my car dealership to get an oil filter because I’m bringing my car to my usual mechanic for an oil change tomorrow.

I’m paying via debit and the guy hands me the machine. I’m used to paying with my iPhone, so I put it on the machine automatically only to see that there is a little sticker saying they don’t take Paypass. No problem.

Me: “Oh, sorry, you don’t take Paypass. I’ll use my card; just a sec.”

Worker: “Yes, sorry, you’re going to have to put your card in.”

Me: *Laughing.* “No worries. I’m just so used to paying with my phone that I don’t check anymore.” 

Worker: “At least you’re laughing. A lot of times, old men yell at me for that. Worst part is, most times their bills are over $100, so it wouldn’t work anyway…”

Me: “Wow, that sucks. It’s not as if there aren’t more valuable things to get angry about.”

People give me a headache. Getting angry because you have to take a card out of your wallet? Boy, have we become lazy.