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Entitlement And A Side Of Ketchup

, , , | Right | June 7, 2021

I work at a casual restaurant where you seat yourself. An older man comes up to me to ask a question.

Customer: “Hey, so we are about to get our food and I want to sit at that table.” *Points at an occupied table* “Can you ask them to sit somewhere else?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “I want to sit at that table. They are just waiting so it doesn’t matter; just make them wait over there.” 

Me: “I’m sorry, they are sitting there so we can’t ask them to move, but we do have plenty of open tables around back.”

Customer: *Glares at me like I am an idiot* “I. WILL. NOT. SIT. INSIDE.”

Me: “Oh, sorry for the confusion. We have some outside seating in the back, as well as the table right there.”

I gesture to an identical table near the occupied one.

Customer: *Loudly* “I WANT THAT TABLE!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but they are sitting there.”

The customer rolls his eyes at his wife who is standing a few feet away and grunts.

Customer: “She says she won’t do it.”

He walked away so I walked to another part of the restaurant. But when I came back he was sitting at the table he wanted and the people who were there before were standing up. I really hope he didn’t ask them to move.

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