Entitled And Empowered

, , , | Right | March 8, 2020

(An “entitled” woman — rich looking with a fur coat — on our flight gets to the baggage claim with the rest of us. The baggage belt takes a while to start. When it does, only about seven bags come out and then the belt just stops for some reason. It stays “off” for about two minutes. The “entitled woman” actually walks up to the door flaps, moves them aside a bit, and yells into the back loud enough for all of us to hear:)

Entitled Woman: *very condescending tone* “HELLO! Can we get some more bags out here?!”

(We all looked at each other. Unfortunately, within about five seconds of her little rant, the buzzer buzzed and the belt started again with the remaining bags coming out. We wished the belt hadn’t coincidentally started because it appeared she thought she “had the power” to make things happen by yelling at the employees. We ALL had to wait, but apparently, she was more important than the rest of us.)

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