Enter The Marriage

| Romantic | March 10, 2012

(We’re on the last test of the day in kung fu class, which is my boyfriend’s test.)

Sifu: *to me* “Okay, go get your sparring gear. You’ll warm him up and we’ll have [another student] finish him.”

(I laugh as I think this is odd. My boyfriend didn’t have sparring listed on his test, but Sifu sometimes adds extras. I get my headgear, gloves and mouth-guard on and me and my boyfriend walk to the lines. We start sparring, throwing punches. My boyfriend gets a solid punch to my head, but when he drops his guard, I punch him in the side of the head, hard enough to stagger him and he goes down.)

Me: *through my mouth guard* “Oh crap, I’m so sorry!”

(I try to help him up.)

Boyfriend: *still on one knee* “Thanks for the hand. Now may I have your hand in marriage?” *he pulls out a ring*

(I can’t get my headgear off fast enough, as I’m laughing too much from shock.)

Me: “Yes!”

All my classmates: *cheering*

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