Enslaved To Customer Service (Singular)

, , | Right | June 30, 2017

(I work two different jobs: a full time job at an engineering firm and a part time retail job. When I went part time at the retail job to start my other full time job, a lot of regulars missed me, which was fine, but some of the crazy ones were upset that I wasn’t there to wait on them all the time. This leads to the following situation while working my retail job evening shift, when I see a slightly crazy, needy, regular approach.)

Me: “Hi, what brings you in today?”

Crazy Lady: “There you are! I have been coming in every day so you can help me! I need your schedule so I know when you work!” *blinks her eyes angrily at me*

Me: *internally cringing* “Oh, I am sorry for the inconvenience; my schedule varies every week and so I can’t give you that information accurately, but all my coworkers in this department are very good and are happy to help you when I am not here.”

Crazy Lady: *blinks rapidly and scrunches her mouth up* “That will not do! I want YOU to help ME! YOU need to be here regular full time like you used to! NO ONE helps me like YOU can! Why aren’t you here more?!”

Me: *still very polite* “I started a different job elsewhere.”

Crazy Lady: *gasps* “Where?”

Me: *not wanting to give her details* “A distant firm.”

Crazy Lady: “Tell me the name of your other job!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I try not to discuss my other work while I am on the clock here. Can I help you with your project today?”

Crazy Lady: *suddenly smiles creepily* “No, honey, that’s okay; it’s all going to be okay.”

(She leaves and I think no more of it. I go into my full time engineering job a few days later, and half-way through the day, lo and behold, Crazy Lady comes in! I am shocked, and Crazy Lady ignores me. My front desk coworker asks her what she needs and Crazy Lady says she wants to see the boss. His office is right there and he hears this so he invites her to come in and chat before I can say anything or warn anyone. Pretty soon we hear literal SCREAMING coming from that office. My boss opens the door and is telling the lady to please leave.)

Crazy Lady: *screaming* “This is illegal! This is terrible customer service! I will report you to the state!” *turns and glares at me, then stomps out*

Me: “What on earth?!”

Boss: “So, that lady was demanding that I fire you or let you only work part time here so you can wait on her at your other job all the time!”

Me: *mouth open in shock* “What? How did she find out where I worked?!”

Boss: “Apparently she told your retail boss that she was a family friend and had something for you, so he told her you worked here.”

Coworker: “Sweetie, I think you need to quit that retail job. Do you deal with those customers all the time?”

Me: “The answer is ‘yes’ to the crazy customers, and ‘yes’ I think I need to quit that job!”

(Seriously, what kind of person thinks they can practically ENSLAVE someone to wait on them all the time?)

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