Enough To Send You Tripping

| Friendly | May 30, 2014

(A college friend was moving to a city in California I’d always wanted to road trip to. She and another friend hid the fact that he was road tripping down with her to help her move until the day before, then said I couldn’t go because my ‘bladder is too small.’ I’m an adult and can hold it around timed breaks, thanks. Then, while on the road, they kept calling me.)

Friend: “Hey, are you at your computer? We’re in a dry town. Can you look up a place where we can go drink or get beer?”

(I look it up for them. Repeat the scenario a few times until I’ve had enough. Not only did they not invite me, these calls were rude, and assuming I’d be home all the time to help them was also rude.)

Friend: “Can you look up such and such for us?”

Me: “Why don’t you just text Google?”

Friend: “That costs money!”

Me: “I’ll mail you the 10 cents. Stop calling.” *click*

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